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Our Approach

Flexible. Comfortable. Collaborative.

Here at Plan4, we approach planning a bit differently than other advisors. We offer fee-based and transactional planning so we can better serve your unique needs. Regardless of how we’re paid, we are steadfast in our commitment to put your best interests first — without exception.

When you first meet with us, it will happen on your terms. From the time to the location, our goal is to help you feel comfortable. Whether meeting at your home, a local coffee shop or here in our office, we want you to know your comfort matters. At our initial meeting, we will gather information by asking questions, reviewing your financial documents and helping you identify your goals.

From there, we will design a plan and present it to you at our next meeting. We will take as much time as necessary to ensure you understand our suggestions and strategy. We’ll encourage you to ask questions and will never rush this process.

Until this point, all services are complimentary. If you choose to move forward — great! If not, we understand. We’ll even let you hold on to the plan we’ve created for you. Because at the end of the day, your success matters to us — whether you achieve it with us or someone else.